CELEBRATING the 65th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the 
People’s Republic of China and Hungary;
BELIEVING in the importance of architecture, and industrial art as a mean of enhancing the knowledge about our countries’ culture;
RECOGNIZING that international contribution of the Hungarian architect László Hudec enriched the cityscape of the city of Shanghai and thus tightened the ties between the People’s Republic of China and Hungary;
The Ministry of Human Capacities of Hungary within the framework of Hudec Scholarship Program shall offer 65 scholarships on a yearly basis for Chinese students in Shanghai for studies in the field of architecture, industrial and interior design, urban and rural planning, visual communication and related fields of studies.
East China Normal University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Tongji University are the welcomed partners of the Hudec Scholarship program.
The aim of the Hudec Scholarship Programme is also to exchange experience and knowledge of the future architects of Shanghai by encouraging outstanding students to undertake short-term or full-term studies or to conduct collaborative projects in Hungarian higher education institutions, in order to strengthen academic network.
The Ministry of Human Capacities of Hungary shall provide to the Chinese scholarships holders: 
- Tuition-free course
- Dormitory places  at the campus of the receiving higher education institution or 
contribution to the accommodation 
- Medical insurance
- Monthly allowance (the amount of the scholarship is defined in accordance with actual 
laws in force)
International travel costs shall be supported by the scholarship recipients.