Sites which are related to Hudec Heritage Project

Websites of professionals and institutions:

Lenore Hietkamp, author of several Hudec publication, works in Victoria, Canada. Her last book publication: "Laszlo Hudec and the Park Hotel in Shanghai", 2012

Luca Poncellini, co-author of the "László Hudec" book and author of a PhD thesis (2006) on the architecture of Hudec in Shanghai, Technical University of Torino 

Tongji University publisher of 2 Hudec book in Shanghai and organizer severeal Hudec events

Database of Hudec collection in the László Hudec Collection in the Library of the University of Victoria (Canada)

Center for Architect L.E. Hudec, (CALEH) Slovakian non-profit organisation with researching and publication activities

The Association of Hungarian Architects, organizing events and publications in Shanghai about Hudec architectural heritage.